How to embed the Nftikets iframe into your wix event’s website
  1. 1.
    Sign up and create an event
You only need to complete this step if you don’t already have an account on Nftikets. You can sign up and create an event on Nftikets’ official website. Here is a step-by-step guide and more information on how to sign up and how to create an event.
If you already signed up and have created an event on Nftikets, simply login and follow the next steps.
2. Select event for embed
Navigate to “My Events” icon on your dashboard and click to view all the events created by you.
3. Copy HTML
Go to the event you’d like to embed on your website and click on “copy HTML.”
You’d receive a pop-up notification to confirm that the code has been copied.
4. Embed iframe on your wix website
Go to your Wix webite on your page builder on the side bar click on Add element and you will be presentd with a drop down with a long list of options click on Embed Code
Click on Embed HTML and you will be presented with a modal with the title HTML Settings, Proceed to paste the copied iframe into the section titled "Add your code here (HTTPS only) and click on the button "update"
5. Edit the Iframe height and width
Proceed to edit the height and width of the of the iframe to fit your website, within the iframe code you would see the text "width" and the figure can be increased or decreased to fit that width of you website and also a "height" that allows you to increase or decrease the height.
6. Successfully Integrated